Retained Exclusive Search – guaranteed placement outcome

Retained Exclusive Search service is the premier service for our clients. Whilst usually used for more senior appointments such as C-Suite or Director level positions or General Manager (GM) or State Manager titles, it is equally successful for other strategic, important hires that may require some very specific skills sets or experiences necessary for the role.  Typically including a commitment fee to secure our time, Building Environs Recruitment provides a personalised, comprehensive recruitment service to our clients from the outset, gaining a deep understanding of the requirements and what makes the position attractive to high performers.

Investing a substantial period of time to undertake the assignment, we commit to working on this assignment until it is filled and so guarantee a successful outcome.  In doing so, we allocate all of the resources at our disposal, map out the prospective talent market, approach passive and active candidates through a variety of face-to-face and online marketing methods.  We remain available at all times and work ‘insitu’ within our clients’ premises, once per week, until the role is filled.

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Permanent Recruitment

Often the ‘norm’ adopted by businesses working in the Built Environment and infrastructure sectors, this form of recruitment works well for the more commonly occurring types of job vacancies clients are seeking to fill; generally more generic skills and experiences match a particular role or job title, and less time is required to complete the process, or a less detailed process is sought.  The process is thorough and efficient but usually quicker than an Exclusive Search because there is typically a greater number of potential candidates who might suit the role.  We work on these permanent positions on both an ‘exclusive’ and non-exclusive or ‘contingent’ basis – it suits a hiring firm who wish to see a variety of potential candidates who are often actively seeking a new role.

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Recruit Now, Pay Later

Recognising that cash flow can be one of the biggest challenges of any business, Building Environs Recruitment has partnered up with A-Pay, to offer clients the benefit of being able to hire talent now but spread their recruitment fee over a monthly instalment plan.

Once we make a placement, our clients receive the invoice and set up a direct debit with Apay, and choose to pay the invoice over 3, 4, 5 or 6 monthly instalments.  There is no set-up fee and the client receives a monthly reminder which is automatically debited from their chosen account.

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Temporary Recruitment Workers

Building Environs Recruitment supply a variety of Temporary workers to employers within Engineering, Construction, Property and Facilities, either on hourly rates, day/night rates or fixed weekly rates (with fixed hours of work).  Becoming much more common, this service allows our clients to remain flexible with project specific work, can onboard specific skills sets when needed and allows them to compete for work that they otherwise may not have the in-house skills to be able to deliver. 

Utilising an online timesheet system with email and imbedded hyperlinks, line managers and candidates can easily complete, check and approve timesheets from their desktop or phone.  All candidate documentation is securely completed and recorded online.

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‘Insitu’ Recruiting – true recruitment consulting

Going further to build a better understanding of our client's business, culture and people, we offer ‘insitu’ recruitment solution to all clients engaging our services.  Delivering true recruitment consulting, we invest as much time as possible to understanding our clients business and by working from their business location for half and full days at a time.  We spend more time meeting hiring managers and team members whilst getting a much deeper understanding of who will best suit the vacancy.  This allows us to identify better suited candidates, present more accurate information to candidates and better manage the candidate engagement process. 

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Recruitment Process Consulting (RPC)

Recruitment Process Consulting (RPC) is a new service offered by Building Environs Recruitment.  The aim of RPC is to partner closely with clients and work together to greatly improve their ability to entice the right talent into their business.  Recruitment Process Consulting (RPC) is a recruitment solution additional to, and separate from, Exclusive Search, Permanent Recruitment or Temporary Recruitment.  Recruitment Process Consulting invests time to consult at a deep level with our clients about their recruitment process, rather than working on a specific recruitment search and engagement service.  RPC first assesses and reviews current recruitment practices, then explores and implements more effective strategies to remodel (where necessary) the recruitment process to yield more successful outcomes when looking to hire new talent. 

The RPC service commences with a detailed consultation to identify the positive and negative elements of the current recruitment process, taking the time to meet with all key business stakeholders, from hiring managers, Owners and Directors, through to recent hires and long term employees.  Through this consultation and detailed understanding of the businesses needs, we build a structured process that is not only successful in attracting higher performers, but is also flexible and measurable against the business's ongoing talent acquisition needs.

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Skills Matching - with Headway DNA

How can you be sure that the next person you hire, has the right skills for your job?

Building Environs Recruitment has partnered with Headway DNA to measure candidates Soft Skills against the job that we are working to fill on behalf of our client, in doing so we increase the likelihood of a positive recruitment outcome.

If technical (hard) skill encompasses knowledge and knowhow of a job requirement, Soft Skills are the abilities of a person to apply that knowledge/understanding to a given problem or environment (i.e. their Capability).

Whilst a hiring manager can identify a candidates technical knowledge required for a job during interview, they often miss whether or not the candidate has the Capability to deliver this technical skill - this is the reason we map our candidates’ skills and compare them to the needs of the role.

We provide the hiring manager additional peace of mind that their assessment of the candidates 'Competency' (Hard/Technical Skills) at interview stage, is matched by the candidates and Capability (Soft Skills) from our assessment process.



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