Building Environs Recruitment aim to provide a variety of recruitment solutions that add value to our clients by taking the time to ‘deep dive’ into your recruitment requirements; gather a full understanding of your business and then approach the candidate market, engaging with the best talent in the industry, rather than the best available talent who happen to be looking for a new role at that point in time. 

We aim to work in partnership with clients on a retained and exclusive basis where possible so that we can guarantee a succesful outcome - we like to guarantee we will fill jobs for our clients.

If we do not feel we can guarantee a succesful job fill, we partner with clients on a contingent basis, that is, no placement no fee.

Our competitive advantage is that we focus our efforts on ensuring all active and passive candidates who suit the role are considered and approached, rather than solely focusing on active candidates through job boards, as so many recruiters do.  We engage with both passive and active candidates, shortlisting the most suitable individuals for presentation to give our clients a competitive advantage in their market sectors.

Further, we apply a Competency based interview process and also undertake a Skills Test for all candidates we present for exclusive assignments - we are not just a resume sending service.

We will give you a competitive advantage in your market in three ways:

  • Firstly, we will give you access to the best talent from all the available talent in your industry, both 'active' and 'passive' talent, not just the 'active' candidates who our competitors send to you daily
  • Secondly, we can consulting with you to improve your recruitment process, making sure you are better positioned to identify and attract higher performing talent to your business
  • Finally, we will give you a robust recruitment solution that guarantees a job fill, based upon the science of skills testing and the detail of a competency based interviewing process
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