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Why Exclusivity is Better?

Published 25 Mar 2022

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the several factors that have led to the booming job market as we come out of the pandemic. With a record number of vacancies to fill and top talent looking for the best companies to work for, we now look at how you can work with employment agencies like Building Environs to best achieve your recruitment objectives.

Offering flexibility in the workplace (not Yoga related) Image

Offering flexibility in the workplace (not Yoga related)

Published 31 Jan 2022

How can an employee measure his/her employers level of trust in them? Answer: Flexibility! Previously we talked about how the pandemic has already begun rapidly tearing up pre-Covid work protocols. In this blog, we drill down a little deeper into why flexibility is crucial in the future workplace. We look at how it can save you money while maximising your employee's potential. And we give you tips on creating flexibility in differing job roles. So, let's dig in.

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Get your EVP on!

Published 16 Dec 2021

Everyone running a successful company knows that staying ahead of the competition is about having the best people. In fact, Harvard Business Review details that your top performers are four times more productive than your average worker. So, how do you get and keep these people? Well, it starts with an "Employee Value Proposition" or (EVP).

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Retention of high performers = Enticing high performers

Published 17 Nov 2021

For the past two years, we have had no incoming talent to Australia. And the interstate lockdown also means that no people from other states have been coming to Victoria. Expats have been moving back to their home countries to be with families and we’re seeing a noticeable talent drain from Victoria as, all of a sudden, Queensland, South Australia seem more enticing to (formerly) the World's Most Liveable City. There is a shortage of available talent, an endless number of vacancies in the market, and by many accounts we're about to face a Great Resignation! Get your house in order for 2022.


It's Coming......The Great Resignation of 2022

Published 17 Oct 2021

The pandemic-driven Great Resignation has already begun to hit the UK and the US. And experts predict that Australia’s is about to follow with resignations starting on mass in March 2022. In this post we look at ● Changes in working lives - a background ● What is the Great Resignation? ● Who is being affected, and what might be the outcome for employers? ● What does a business need to consider to retain staff? ● Is the Great Resignation coming to Australia?

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Our Process and Stages of Retained Assignments

Published 21 Sep 2021

Statistics show that a retained search process increases the fill rate from the 15% to 20%, produced by a Contingent Recruitment model (no placement no fee) to 90% - 95% when delivered as a Retained Search Assignment. How does this happen? Here is the process we follow.....

Use immigration to Solve Skills Shortages Image

Use immigration to Solve Skills Shortages

Published 10 Aug 2021

When it comes to shortages in the Australian construction industry, either for male or female mid to higher-level candidates, it's been my experience that employers have long missed out on the golden opportunities available to them by talented people that have emigrated here. Further, as we move out of the pandemic and immigration is 'turned back on' (fingers crossed), the 'talent shortage' we are currently witnessing will likely need to be filled by talented overseas migrants.

Equality, and Recruitment in Construction Image

Equality, and Recruitment in Construction

Published 06 Jul 2021

When it comes to delivering equal pay and equal rights for all people regardless of race and sex, it's been a long road for minorities. Many people will happily conclude that great strides have been made, and we can now all sit back, having accepted all minorities fairly and completely. But behind closed doors, in my recruiting office, I still have concerns that things are still not as equal, open, and diverse as we think.

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